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Iranians are desperately
searching for a Savior:

Learn how a direct connection to the gospel is radically transforming Iran for Christ!

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The Islamic Government of Iran Is Afraid of You   

Mahdi had just come to know Jesus through our ministry and was eager to talk with me. His love for the Lord was evident as he spoke. It was obvious that as a judge, he had a deeper understanding—and appreciation—of what Jesus had done for him to pardon him of all his sins. I also was excited to talk with him and could not wait to ask him some key questions. Below are his answers to some of those questions
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My blog
will encourage, motivate, inspire and educate you on the spiritual and political climate inside Iran. You will find video entries, photos and testimonies, to help you better understand how the Lord is transforming Iran into a Christian nation in this generation.

See the Impact

Satellite TV is a power tool to reach vast numbers of the unreached with the Message of Christ's Hope.

It is also an incredible vehicle to reach the top influencers of a nation with the Gospel.

It supports the persecuted church in Iran who feel isolated and alone and allows them to share the Good News with their Muslim friends, family and neighbors. 
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